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VR self-service 
products & solutions

Based on the XRT VR hardware & software platform we offer location-based self-service VR products and solutions for events, fairs, showrooms, arcades, public areas and offices with purchase or rental plans. 


The foundation for all VR self-service usage in controlled environments.  The 0,6×0,3×1,8m block have automatic UV cleaning of the VR equipment and a touch screen to start and handle the content. Lighthouses for tracking can be mounted in the roof or with additional solutions (see EVENT edition). 


+ Mounted VR tracking.
+ Optional videowall.
+ Playable area: 2.5×2.5m


+ MR recording & stream.
+ Surveillance camera.
+ Mounted VR tracking.
+ Automatic door.
+ Outside touch screen.
+ Playable area: 2.5×2.5m
+ Size: 3x3x2.2m

Branding & tailored solutions

We can tailored both the hardware and software for your needs. Both for purchase and short-/long-term rental setups.

The user experience

Check out the video to see and example of our self-service flow and user experience from YAY VR in Westfield Mall of Scandinavia.

Powering the new era of VR

XR Tech is a game-tech group developing self-service location based VR solutions.

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