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About us

We have started other companies, we have failed and we have succeeded. We have done our dog years, and now, we are XR Tech.
Our CEO, Sebastian, has the drive and energy of a smaller nuclear power plant. Lennie, our CTO, is a man of few, but very well considered, words. YAY VR is our masterpiece.

YAY VR - That is what we do

YAY VR is a self-service VR innovation in the form of a cube. Experience what VR means in the kinda futuristic year of 2022. Single player, VS. or co-op – It’s fun, easy and social. Read more at

Open positions

If we’re lucky, we’re just now looking for someone just like you. If not, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Any and all positions that are open at the moment are listed below.


To venture into the startup world is a lot of fun.
It takes drive and an adventurous spirit, and as an early employee you’re able to make an impact on the future of the company. For the right person there is also the possibility of an equity package.
We’re a young company, we are all about pushing the boundaries and doing things that have never been done before. Our passion is technology and people. We look forward to building our culture together with our growing team.
Btw, we might ask you to play VR during working hours every now and then. Hopefully you see that as a perk as well.

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