Powering the new era of VR

XR Tech is a game-tech group developing self-service location based VR solutions.

The Street VR 

Bringing back the classic 
arcade experience to the mall.
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VR self-service 

Based on the XRT VR 
hardware & software platform.

Immersive & 
engaging VR

VR games & 
experiences for the masses.

Great VR to the people

Today, millions of people are already using VR on a daily basis. That’s awesome! 
But to get a great VR experience you either need to invest in complex technology, or even travel to far-off locations. 
We want to make VR easier and more accessible by leverage the power of self-service.

So what do we do?

Rent VR for events & fairs

Are you located in Sweden? Then you can short term rent our VR equipment for events & fairs.

Want to know more?

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